7 day Sea Beauty Bootcamp


Learn better beauty practices and experience nutirional marine products that protect youth and preserve long-term beauty. 7-days at FaceBar beauty boot-camp will slip you on the road to Aging Well.

Let our certified Thalssso therapy beauty specialist show you a new way to save skin and rescue beauty. At Ama Sea we believe, beauty is only asleep and she just needs a little kelp to wake up.

Each day at the FaceBar you will expiernce fresh marine products and expert beauty classes. Schedule a time that works best for you or drop by at your convienence.  20-25 minutes is all it takes to prepare you to face your day.

 Let us revolutionize your beauty routine.



What to expect from your 7-day beauty bootcamp:

  • Each treatment takes 20-25 minutes total time

  • 7 consecutive days of seaweed, salt water and sea mask treatments
  • You will experience to Ama SeaBeauty skin fitness gym
  • Take home Ama SeaBeauty products to maintain your at homebeauty routines
  • Free download of The Longevity Revolution - written by our founder
  • Private Thalasso Therapy consultation with Antoinette 

Sea our founders website:

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This is a complimentary class and must be completed within 9 days of start date - no exceptions

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