Our sea-lutions to beauty concerns:

Thalasso therapy comes to America. Ama SeaBeauty's line of cellular longevity products were developed through my own personal need to address beauty with simple solutions. Let me show you how to take beauty to the bath as a self-preservation ritual to keep youthful skin from slipping away.

Ama SeaBeauty's line of products is a unique longevity strategy for cellular activity management and dermal function regulation, our product utilize hand harvested seaweed extracts and fresh dried sea vegetables. Our marine ingredients clear longevity pathways, activate cellular defenses and improve energy systems. Ama SeaBeauty products visibly improve skins structure, evens skin's tone and reinforces your skins barrier function. Cell propagation, protein synthesis and DNA repair mechanisms are supported by home-crafted marine environments that you create with Ama SeaBeauty Thalasso therapy products. 


Health and beauty are intrinsically connected, as the loss of either directly affects our long-term self-worth and personal esteem.

Calorie restriction mimicking with Vitamin Sea

Calories Restriction Mimicking (CRM) is emerging as a scientifically verified longevity strategy. CRM is the reduction of caloric intake by 25% (minimal) - 60% (severe) without disrupting the bodies nutritional needs. Ama SeaBeauty address CRM with the use of marine nutrients and naturally occurring sea minerals. Ama SeaBeauty products and thalasso therapy rituals show you how to create home crafted marine environments and reveal a new way to induce the CRM longevity phenomenon. Marine environments cleanse the system and restore cellular defense, dermal protective systems, prevents collagen deterioration and promotes internal DNA self-repair.

A Greater Good - Sea to Sea

Ama SeaBeauty was born on a little sea farm in Santa Barbara, CA. Our farm exists to aid our kelping concerns through research and by serving as an education platform for higher learning: then we put it all together to restore our coastline and heal our oceans.

Ama SeaBeauty uses indigenous seaweeds that are sustainably hand harvested from our 25-acre pharm. Our seaweeds require no additional inputs; they never touch a harvesting machine and no animals are ever misplaced. Ama SeaBeauty was born out of a need to do things differently by creating a brand capable of supporting ocean health through sea education.

Ama SeaBeauty believes it is essential to merge healthy people on a healthy planet.


When developing Ama SeaBeauty every opportunitywas explored in order to create a product that is as good for the planet as it is for humans. Through painstaken efforts we set out to create a positive brand that goes beyond being "less bad" to offer you products that you are proud to have in your home.

Ama SeaBeauty is part of a web of businesses that comprise a new Blue/Green economy. We say it is time to start putting our money where our concerns are, and we believe in the power of products. 


Ama SeaBeauty was created to show us all that it is the little things that matter and sometimes the solutions can be simple.


Welcome to our life and Earth changing brand.