Finding the “Cure” for Age!

Antoinette Marquez

Certified Thalasso therapist & Balneologist

In yoga, we teach of Asteya, a concept of time as a commodity and something we should not squander, steal or waste. Time is something that we can never restore, replace or retrieve. When it is gone – it’s gone. Non-stealing of time is the fundamental concept of Asteya. Stealing time is believed to be the equivalent of taking money right out or someone’s pocket book.

How we “spend” time is something worth contemplating.

We instinctually know that time has ramifications on the mind, body, and soul. In the minds of most time and age rarely sit at the same table. Until that oh so familar feeling of Age shows up.

How much “time would you spend attending to yourself If you knew you could buy yourself two, three or even four more quality decades of life? If you knew in your heart of hearts that the decisions, you make today affect your long-term aging process, what kind of choices would you make for yourself? Would you be mindful of self-preservation by keeping your eyes fixed on the horizon?

I am Antoinette Marquez, and I have developed a brand capable of changing all we know of youth, beauty and the process of growing old. I am an author, my thalasso therapy system and my marine beauty products we born out of my fears of time and the degenerative disorders that traditionally come with the process of growing old.

We are not programmed to notice our internal changes as our systems shift and around 34 most run the risk of: youth, beauty and many times, self-worth becoming a thing of the past. The concept of aging WELL was not a social conversation five short years ago. For a new generation like me who are entering midlife, longevity and antiaging have entered the boxing rink with health and wellbeing. My generation has moved way beyond just saving our backs and restoring our flexibility, most of us are more worried about saving our brain and maintaining our cognitive ability.

Ama SeaBeauty wants to put the concept of Aging Well in everyone’s mind. I believe it is possible to skip the frail and elderly years all together.

I have spent my life in the halls of historic holistic healing systems with the hope to help others create a simple solution to long term wellness possibilities. Yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Massage, Martial arts along with traditional Western medicine, is what I carry in my bag of tricks. I have always loved the concept of self-healing and helping others find their way to personal whole health. 

No matter how hard I tried and how much I learned, AGE was the one stumbling block that I could not get past. I watched students navigate their journey of time only to watch most lose: their health, wellbeing, happiness, sex lives, breasts, and companions, along with their minds. The future I saw before me horrific and nothing I wanted to be a part of

Do corrosion and decay come with age or does age come with corrosion and decay? As far as I am concerned, we have a chicken and the egg dilemma when it comes to the aging process.

When age showed up at my door with her wrinkles, sagging skin and rusty dark spots I decided not to invite her in. I had no desire to accept the common “given” of growing old. I set out to walk my own path toward this thing called traveling “time.” I approached the process of aging in the same way I approached my health. I knew I had to turn a page in history and looked to Bio-mimicry and ask mother nature, “how does she do it?”

As a child, I spend my free time in the library, and books and words are my best friends. Research has always been my way of life. In the process of creating my brands, I decided to pull out the research tools, and I looked back as far as the books would take me. What I found blew my fricken mind. It seemed to me that the answers have always been there – but for some reason, we think we are smarter than our ancestors and even mother nature. My hypothesis was, “Maybe we should look back, before moving forward.” My new teachers and healing tools soon would become Thalasso therapy, Balneology, and Algology. They were all I needed to save Beauty and preserve youth. I soon realized the boundaries of longevity possibilities could be pushed, youth can endure, and it is possible to experience age without degeneration.

Thalasso therapy taught me: that we can preserve youth, sustain beauty and shift the general knowledge of what should and should not when to us as we get old.


Ama SeaBeauty turns to our largest natural planetary resource as a human life support system. Sea, sun, marine vegetation and salt provide ancient elixirs with simple solutions direct from nature. There was a time we all washed in the ocean, ate marine vegetation and soaked in salt. Then, for some reason we took it inside, and called it SPA. We offer you an opportunity to return to the roots of beauty preservation and youth maintenance systems with Ama SeaBeauty.

Just as fitness can be found in the gym – beauty can be found in the bath. Ama encourages you to take beauty to the kitchen, then turn your bathtub into a longevity treatment center. We will teach you how to brew up marine products capable of creating a skin fitness program and in a nutrient rich environment. Home crafted marine environments are your way to make sure beauty sticks around.

Ama SeaBeauty brand brings to light the natural activities of ethno coastal cultures that include: Thalassotherapy, Sol brine therapy, Water Curing, Calorie restriction Mimicking and the medicinal wonders of the sea.

I believe that it is possible to move through the aging process with an Ama-zing grace.

What if we could look across the horizon with anticipation rather that trepidation about how “time” will affect our own personal youth, beauty, and self-worth.

My therapeutic home practices, my products, and my theories will leave you knowing that we are all time travelers and it is up to us to determine exactly what that journey looks like. Age can become a time in life to be savored, experienced and enjoyed. In the next few months, you will come to know Ama SeaBeauty, PharmerSea and me personally through my blogs and my educational elements.

Welcome to a new world where age need not come as a burden, and time can come with an ease and grace that we all look forward to experiencing.


Antoinette marquez