THE ART OF AGING WELL - Clean and Green with Ama SeaBeauty

   Somewhere around 1990 we all began to understand the necessity to consume good food if we wish to experience a long healthy life.  Today many do their weekly shopping at farmers’ markets and cook for themselves to combat long-term degenerative disorders and chronic illness. In two short decades, we all learned how to manipulate health and wellbeing through self-sustaining practices such as engaging in a healthy diet and an active life-style.  Suddenly good health wasn’t such a mystery.


  Our clean/natural/organic eating movement that has dominated current society, forced brands to raise their heads and make changes to meet consumer demands. Today consumers seek trust in brands, they demand product transparency, and they want a closer relationship with their goods and their ingredients.  We saw this happening with food over the last ten years, and it was just a matter of time before consumers put beauty products put under a similar microscope.


  Most of us do not think about beauty until a few wrinkles smacks us in the face, and then we brush it off as getting old.  What if we had done the same thing with the first 10 extra pounds we all packed on in our early 30’s?  Ama SeaBeauty is a complete Thalasso therapy system with products that introduce self-sustaining practices, beauty rituals and youth maintenance routines.  Thalasso therapy is a system that encourages you to engage self-sustaining practices to sustain beauty and protect youth. Ama says, just like health and well-being, with the proper products and the correct cellular activities, beauty and youth can be manipulated to last longer.


  Ama SeaBeauty is an independent, clean, green, artesian-indie brand that delivers its products via small batches and seasonal harvests from our sea farm in Santa Barbara, CA. Ama SeaBeauty products enhance natural beauty by nourishing the skin with fresh beneficial marine ingredients.  Our products inspire an environment of creativity and curiosity as they get you involved and “formulating” your own beauty products with simple, traceable ingredients.  Marine vegetables allow you to have a closer relationship with the products you place on your skin.  Our products teach you that a good beauty routine begins in the kitchen and youthful solutions can be simple.


  Ama SeaBeauty line of Thalasso therapy products include:



·      Sea Tea: A line of brown and red fresh sea vegetable bath products that you prepare in your kitchen. No extra ingredients have been added to Sea Tea. All ingredients are hand harvested utilizing sustainable farming methods that support our coastline and its animals. Sea Tea is ocean cleaned and sun dried. Sea Tea gives you peace of mind and lets you brew up your own fresh beauty ingredients.


·      Sealution – Face: Sealution for face is a blend of 2 pure seaweed extracts, sea salt, and two naturally occurring preservatives.  The rose scent emanating for the serum is a natural byproduct of a preservative and no scent is added to the serum. Our preservatie was chosen due to its emotional and physiological effect; it leaves you feeling naturally beautiful. Smelling roses is linked to uplifting mood, soothing anxiety and depression symptoms, balancing hormone levels, relieving headaches, slowing the breathing rate and generally creating a sense of happiness and harmony.  Ama Sealution is seaweed extract bottled fresh for you and formulated minimal number of components, all local and traceable.


  Ama SeaBeauty turns to nature when processing our products. We use the sea for rinsing and the sun for drying our fresh sea produce, thus eliminating the need for electricity or expensive machinery.  No machinery is ever used in the collection process and minimal inputs are necessary to create our sustainable end-products generated a tiny foot print.


  Ama SeaBeauty is delivered in glass bottles and American made metal containers. Both are intended to be reused or refilled by the end consumer.  Rice paper and dried kelp are used for packing your product, and easily breakdown in water.  Sea Tea comes with an American made re-usable organic cotton bag that can be used over a hundred times. Ama SeaBeauty will soon offer larger sized products for refilling bottles and tins. Our loftiest goal when creating Ama was to reduce as much consumer throw away packaging as possible. One day Ama hopes to be a waste free brand.


  Ama SeaBeauty line will continue to blossom and several more products are due to launch Mother’s Day 2017.  Ama SeaBeauty can teach you how to help beauty thrive. I am proud to bring my beauty Sea-crets to your home.  Sign-up for your free eBook, samples, and friend gifting. Welcome to a new way to address Beauty and maintain youth. Welcome to my American Beauty Longevity Revolution where we will teach you the Art of Aging Well.


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