Eco Conscience and Waste Aware with Ama SeaBeauty FaceBar

We live in a time where the power of the people is in question. With climate instability, ocean acidification and plastic filled fish: many individuals feel powerless as government limits our choices, un-leashes regulations and suppresses science. What if each one of us wielded the power in our pocket books? Our web of Blue-Green businesses that include, Ama/Pharmer Sea and FaceBar were developed to remind us: of the power of people through mindful consumption.

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Brands are free to cross borders and scale walls thus the world is truly ran by corporations, rather than political parties. What if we were to turn our spending dollars into our most valuable voting assets of all? If we begin to consume well, as a collective we could elevate brands that exist to do GOOD, and bury those who are self-serving.

Ama SeaBeauty is in the process of launching its first consumer retail showroom, beauty gym and refill bar in Santa Barbara, CA. The FaceBar is Ama SeaBeauty first brick and mortar that offers you an opportunity to experience beauty products that promote consuming WELL. During our developmental process, we aimed high and set out to create a brand that looked beyond being "less bad" and into the landscape of creatig true consumer GOODS.


At FaceBar consumers receive free thalasso therapy education that promotes better beauty practices and an opportunity to engage in consumer goods that reduce or eliminate waste. The FaceBar unveils beauty to consumers through transparency of processes and simple natural marine ingredients that promote cellular longevity. FaceBar exposes you to self-preservation routines with ancient Thalasso therapy sea-crets that support long-term dermal health. The science lab comes to life right before consumers eyes to reveal beauty preservation and youth maintenance as no great mystery.  


The concept of waste-less or even zero waste brands were not even a consideration until a fews years ago. It is only in the recent landscape of plastic pollutants and toxicity in water ways that forced us to consider the concept of consuming less. Ama SeaBeauty strives to one day close the loop and be a zero-waste brand. Ama SeaBeauty offers consumers intelligent choices through glass bottles, metal lids and containers as well as refill/reuse/return options. Every single product we create, puts the planet first. We encourage plastic free options, and we moved our product all the way out of the box to offer consumers a package free line.  When you take Ama SeaBeauty products home, there is nothing to toss in the trash.

If we as consumers began to put our money where our mouths are: we would shutter brands such as Cargill, Monsanto and Bayer . Through educated and intelligent choices, our purchase dollars can return the power to the people. Being an informed consumer is perhaps the best tool at our disposal to safeguard people and restore planetary balance.  Products have power! When we choose wisely we quickly learn that it IS the little things that matter most. Next time you take your wallet out of your pocket, remember the power of the "Profit". We can make all the difference with simple informed choices.



Blue Green businesses create products that mindfully and strategically establish systems and intentional manufacturing processes to mitigate harm.  As a consumer, every dolar we spend is an investment in a corporation that creates a product or delivers a service. Purchasing a product is a vote of confidence, a mirroring of values and an investment in the future of the corporation that delivers goods to you.  Blue Green businesses exist to develop consumer products that create seed money for a greater good.  Ama SeaBeauty and FaceBar are the children of a much larger pictures. Next blog you will learn about the progress, grant and other developments about to bloom at



Ama Seabeauty, FaceBar and Pharmersea are a web of Blue Green businesses that hopes to inform consumers on the urgency of the need to consume less.

It is up to us to:

  • Choose wisely
  • Question how products are made
  • Ask if manufacturing processes safe?
  • Do they support local environments?
  • Do they as a brand promote a better future for people and planet?
  • We must hold brands accountable

I ask you: does every bottle need a plastic pump,? Does every jar need a box? Does every Box need a Bag


The time has come for us as consumers to use our dollars as votes of confidence in brands that produce true consumer GOODS.  Change comes from those who spend! We ask you to comsume well, waste intellegently and spend wisely. Our planet just might depend on it.


Antoinette marquez