Today's quest for longevity applies to both health and beauty. Ama Sea Beauty introduces to the cosmetic market a revolutionary new way to care for your skin and enhance the longevity of its youthful state. By optimizing the health of your skin using high potency marine actives, Ama products effectively preserve skin's youthfulness and vitality in a sustainable and attainable way. Without relying on cosmetic procedures and expensive spa treatments, there is a more holistic, practical, yet biologically powerful, way to maintain skin vitality regardless of your age or skin type.

As skin ages, it becomes thinner, with fewer layers of cells. In the deep dermal layers, collagen corrodes and elastin loses its structure. Age-related molecular deterioration and slowed cellular processes makes skin more susceptible to damage from external factors such as UV radiation. With the aging process left unchecked, there is compounding damage and accelerated decline of the skin's ability to heal itself. Research indicates that the best strategy for achieving cessation and reversal of aging is cultivation of the body's self-repair capabilities. Part of that approach includes assuring that cellular processes are running with optimal efficiency.

The key to Ama's effectiveness lies in the principles of Thalasso therapy, and specifically in those factors that determines optimal cellular function and tissue maintenance. The living cells of the skin need the right nutrients and biological conditions, just like any other part of the body, in order to make new tissue and sustain themselves. The marine actives in Ama's Thalasso therapy-inspired products promote those conditions by delivering essential minerals and skin nutrients in ways the body can assimilate.


Algae extracts, seaweeds, sea salts and marine ingredients have been studied throughout history for their usefulness in treating a variety of skin conditions and bodily ailments. Their therapeutic value is recognized by naturopathic physicians, alternative medicine practitioners, and skin care experts alike. The minerals, trace elements and bioactives found in marine products supply the skin with what it needs for rejuvenation and sustaining vitality. The wholesome, biodynamic and bioavailable compounds found in marine nutrients work synergistically to detoxify skin, reduce signs of inflammation, and deeply nourish cells to promote conditions for optimal longevity.

The biochemical makeup of sea products is complex and it is common for some to contain anywhere from 80 to over 100 different trace minerals in a meshwork of highly skin-compatible polysaccharides. This naturally-occurring nutrient profile is the perfect skincare concoction-designed by mother nature. The minerals jumpstart and support cellular renewal processes, while the polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates) act to moisturize skin and enhance delivery of vital nutrients. Sea extracts uniquely create a pro-regenerative environment that accelerates healing and recovery of skin that is damaged, irritated, dry or aged.

It is beneficial to skincare that sea-derived ingredients are highly compatible with body tissues in terms of osmotic properties and nutrient content. Marine ingredients often possess tonicity equivalent to blood serum with respect to concentrations of minerals and electrolytes, and for their nutritional profiles they are able to stimulate and supplement CRM (calorie restriction mimicking) conditions in the skin. Research has shown that CRM influences cells to switch to self-maintenance mode, where they utilize all nutrients available to them in the most efficient way possible. In this mode they also direct energy towards the ends of self-repair and cellular longevity.

It's possible to optimize the health of your skin using a new wave of skincare based on high potency marine actives that provide ideal conditions for maximizing cellular function and lifespan. It is in this way that sea ingredients effectively restore and preserve the youthfulness and beautiful appearance of skin at any age.


As a brand inspired by the natural gifts and wonders of the sea, Ama wishes to highlight one of the most underplayed superfoods and miracle actives that most healthy-living experts have yet to discover. To the worlds of both nutrition and skincare, seaweed offers more healing power and restorative benefits than most would ever think possible. An ingredient that has actually been a staple in traditional Asian diets and French spa treatments for literally centuries, seaweed surprisingly has yet to make its way into the spotlight of American health culture. Due to their potent levels of life-giving elements and biological actives, seaweeds could easily become your best strategy and most effective tool for maintaining beauty and preserving youth.

We've all heard about the wonders of sea salts and dead sea mud, but not many of us think about the plants of the sea and where this fits into the landscape of healthy living. They are not just ocean shrubbery; they are the epitome of what makes the sea such a bountiful source of life-giving nutrients. Seaweed is at the core of why Thalasso therapy is so helpful for restoring both skin health and bodily vitality. The nutritional profile of essential elements, trace minerals, vitamins and unique polysaccharides in seaweed makes it one of the most effective substances on earth for giving the living cells of your body what they need to survive and thrive.

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Seaweeds of all varieties are abundant sources of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, selenium, zinc and dozens of other trace elements. These minerals are important for cellular functioning and without them, cells can't efficiently carry out processes of self-maintenance and self-repair. They boost cellular energy pathways, support tissue regeneration and promote removal of cellular toxins. They also act as replenishing electrolytes that balance osmotic forces in the body.

One beautiful thing about seaweed is how it delivers its cell-boosting mineral medley to your skin and body tissues. The minerals in seaweed are bound and stored within special polysaccharides, like alginate, that make them more bioavailable to the body. Since the natural environment of seaweed is seawater, the polysaccharides (carbohydrates) in seaweed are built to contain a lot of water. When the carbohydrates from seaweed come in contact with skin, they penetrate and bring water and nutrients along with them. Their ability to bind water as well as Hyaluronic Acid makes them excellent moisturizing and skin smoothing agents.

The hydrating power of seaweed plus the intense dose of revitalizing nutrients and rebalancing minerals it delivers makes seaweed ideal for care of skin that is damaged, irritated, dry, aged, problematic or overly sensitive. Daily use of seaweed both inside and out leads to a brighter complexion, more even skin tone, reduced redness, as well as smoother and more conditioned skin that is firmer, softer and more youthful with reduced signs of aging.

Research in both labratory and clinical trial have identified applications for seaweed, algae and marine products. These properties include, but are not limited to antiviral and anti-inflamtory action,cancer fiting potential, immune-boosting capacity, as well as balancing of metabolic, hormonal, endocrinal and neuronal systems. Seaweed and its components have been used throughout history and accross numerous cultures for the purposes of wound care and promoting accelerated healing of damaged body tissues. In cultures that consume seaweed as part of their regular diet this has been correlated with longer lifespans.

Awareness of nourishing aspects and healing benefits of seaweed is invaluable as we live in a time when concerns like stress, fatigue, UV radiation, environmental toxins and poor air quality endlessly creep into our lives wreaking havoc on our health and our skin. Our lifestyles are not always our best friend when it comes to achieving our goals of being healthy and staying young, vibrant and beautiful. Bringing seaweed into your self-care regimen will allow you to achieve results that not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Seaweed provides cellular support to counteract the damaging effects of a modern lifestyle and slows the effects of aging. Best of all, maintaining health and beauty with seaweed is completely natural, safe and achievable by anyone in their own kitchen and bathroom. All you have to do is understand the benefits to be had and learn the simple methods available for applying seaweed as the finest health aid, beauty tool and youth preservation strategy that mother nature has to offer mankind.

Let Ama SeaBeauty products kelp you Sea the Difference in your home beauty rituals...

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