As much as we loved our Sea Tea we knew we had to bottle our beauty Sea-cret in order to make it available to everyone. We took everything we loved about Sea Tea and put it in a bottle so we could share it with all our friends.

Ama SeaBeauty Sea-lution is a proprietary blend of two of California's most prolific ingdigenous species. Each species brings its own magnificent benfiical properties to our serum. Our face Sealution can be used in a variety of ways in your home thalassotherapy beauty routines. 

Ama Face Sealution was developed for the face but can be used safely on any areas of the body to provide a gentle lift. Use on any area of the body that is exposed to external toxins or environmental hazards. Carry Ama Face Sealution with you and use as a skin refresher throughout the day. Any area of the body that experience premature aging or should be coated with Ama Face Sealution as a skin preservation ritual, both morning and night. 

Ama SeaBeauty can help erase body conscience issues that could lead to poor self-esteem. Ama Sealution is your beauty face and body thalasso therapy solution that preserves beauty and sustains youth.

Antoinette marquez