About four years ago my husband and I decided to embark upon the journey of creating a seaweed skincare brand.  Our dream was one of benevolence toward both people and the planet.  I am not sure if anyone can ever be prepared for the road ahead when it comes to building a brand and creating a value-added product in our current sea of consumer goods.  The desire to do GOOD was so overwhelming that it became our mantra and daily driving force.  Halfway through our process the many consistent obstacles became the enemies that kept us in constant battle mode. We soon came to understand that building a brand is no different than going to war, and we were ready to fight for what we believed in.  We simply could not understand why it was so hard to do good.  Life has taught Daniel and I that every obstacle can be overcome if you truly believe in yourself and you fully align with your life’s journey.  The obstacles became the way that would spark: innovation, curiosity and self-reliance.

One of our greatest obstacles was sourcing fresh, available and safe seaweed for our seaweed skin-care line.  It became very clear within 6 months of our journey that we would need a sea farm one day if we were to create a product worthy of taking to market.  As I dug through the internet, Bren Smith repeatedly popped-up head and shoulders above everyone else. He was an innovator, and he was out there spreading his message to the world.  After watching his Ted Talk, Daniel and I knew that we had to know Bren Smith.  


  The calls were made, and the emails were sent, and before we knew it we were sipping wine with Bren Smith in Santa Barbara and dreaming of a west coast aquaculture future.  It all seemed surreal, that week he probability of our own sea farm became a viable option.  Pharmersea was granted a transfer of ownership in August and Daniel and I became the proud parents of a 25-acre ocean farm in California.

 Daniel and I soon had to dig into our own hearts and determine exactly what we wanted to do with this priceless gift that fell into our laps.  How could we do the most good while benefiting people and planet? We turned to Bren Smith and determined to bring to the West Coast. We also felt the need to work with establishments who aligned with our personal mission of doing as much good as possible.  Education and research are at the top of our must do list and, as a result,  we have partnered with UCSB and NOAA, as well as Bren Smith

After 4 years of hard work, PharmerSea is ready to launch its first consumer brand. Ama SeaBeauty is a homespun seaweed skin care line that utilizes farm fresh seaweed extracts.  Our pharm allows us to wild harvest local, affordable and sustainable ingredients with traceable roots. Ama SeaBeauty is an independent, clean, green, artesian-indie brand that delivers its products via small batches and seasonal harvests direct from PharmerSea.  Ama is an American Thalasso therapy skin care line that turns to the ocean as a human life support system.  Ama SeaBeauty will financially support Pharmersea so we can continue to offer pharm space to research facilities while providing an educational platform for higher learning and deeper understanding of our oceans.  Ama SeaBeauty was built to be a part of Bren Smith's Blue Green economy that helps consumers put their money where their concerns are.

Ama SeaBeauty offers consumers a product that was developed to do good.  Purchasing Ama SeaBeauty allows consumers to participate in a brand that supports ocean stewardship and infuses its profits back into our seas.  We believe in the power of products and the implications they have for change to our planet in ways both big and small.  We hope Ama SeaBeauty gives consumers a pause by offering them an opportunity to play a bigger role in a planet healing Sealution.

Ama SeaBeauty will launch January 5th. We hope you stop by and Sea what we have going on.  Signup for your free eBook, coupons, friend gifting programs as well as current aquaculture and mariculture news and events.  We hope we can help you to “Sea Life” as a new way to move into the future.

Welcome to PharmerSea’s American Beauty brand born in on a little sea farm in sunny California.


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