Company overview:

Ama Sea Beauty was founded in 2014 in Santa Barbara, CA by Antoinette and Daniel Marquez. Their goal was to support ocean stewardship through mindfully curated marine consumer GOODS. What once began as a dream expanded from a ThalassoTherapy beauty line, to their own ocean farm and visions of kelp reforestation.

Ama Sea Beauty is small batch a

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This is a standout business on the front of sustainability! They are committed to supplying quality products that we absolutely love. Thank you Ama Sea Beauty!

- Sutara Nitenson

My skin feels and looks so good. Thank you Ama for this! I will use these products for the rest of my life. The sea and Ama are amazing!

-Kelley Clarke

As a Skincare Therapist for nearly 26 years, I look for products that deliver real results! What I love most is the incredible hydration and firmness these products deliver!

- Robyn Forcillo

I ABSOLUTELY love love the product. I've instantly noticed a difference in my skin. Thank you Ama for seaing the beauty!!

-Martha Castillo

As a seaweed scientist/researcher, I am always on the look-out for skincare products containing seaweeds for my personal use, as I know very clearly how effective these can be. I am really pleased to have been using Ama Sea Beauty products now for many months. My skin feels great, and I think if it could actually speak, it would describe my morning skincare routine as ‘delicious’! Evolutionary scientists claim that we humans literally have the Sea in our blood, so it would make perfect sense to have the ‘flowers of the sea’ in our skincare products.

-M. Lynn Cornish