Bath Bag

Bath Bag


Sea Tea for bathing beauty. Brown/red California seaweed and salt for home crafted marine environments. Sea our simple solution for Thalasso therapy beauty rituals and the promotion of cellur longevity routines.

Hand harvested, cleaned with ocean water and dried in the sun. Sea Tea bath bag is a natural product that require minimal processing with zero additional imputs. 

If you are a bather on the go, we put beauty in an easy to use quick sealution to daily bathing rituals with zero hassle. Sea Tea Bath Bag delivers marine nutrients directly into bath water to create a non stressful detoxification method. A beauty bath washes away the years as it deminishes, cellulite, fine line and other visible signs of again. Sea Tea bath bag can be used several times (3-6) and makes for a wonderful fertilizer as an end use of the disposed product. 

Watch Sea Tea Bath Bag instructional video.

Ingredients: Sea salt, a blend of brown seaweeds that include macrocystis, bladderwrack, sea palm and pryopia.

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