FaceBar - face fitness tool

FaceBar - face fitness tool


Treat your face to regular workout with our FaceBar cellular longevity tool. Engage in face fitness 3 - 5 or 7 days a week to SEA a difference.

Increase blood flow, improve circulation, even tone and reduce breakouts and other skin ailments. Increase the health and well-being of your dermal layer with intentional skin maintenance practices designed to help beauty last.

  • Improve dermal function
  • Improve cell turnover and organized cell death. 
  • Kickstart DNA self-repair mechanism.
  • Stimulate protein synthesis and increase collagen
  • Lighten, tighten and tone with fitness routines that prevent muscle atrophy that leads to face drop, the loss of elasticity and weight gain/loss of shape of the face.
  • Keep the face you have for life, with simple a simple home face fitness routine. We can help you get your face-ON!

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