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Juice Sea is complex blend of trace minerals that give seawater its revitalizing and remileralizing properties and offers a hydro cure and preserver for skin.  We bottled ocean water for you as a beauty brine and skin balancing agent. Thanks to its richness in trace elements Juice Sea reinforces skins viability and cohesion ability. Juice Sea was formulaed to closely match blood serum to create a therapeutic water. Juice Sea is 100% natural mineral Thalasso therapy product.

Use on face morning and night to detox, exfoliate, increase blood flow and even tone. Can be used alone. Splash or mist our sea water beauty brine on skin regularly exposed to external toxins and environmental stressors. Give skin an instant shot of energy and a pick me up by using Juice Sea thoughout the day.

Sealution is apart of an overall Thalasso therapy skin ritual and can be combined with the entire line of Ama SeaBeauty products. Combine with Sealution Sea Serum for a just out of the ocean look and feel. 

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Water, California solar dried sea water and Sea salt - from the home of Thalasso therapy Brittany France

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Minerals and trace elements play a fundamental role in the correct enzamatic balance of the skin. They reinforce its protective systems and maintain cutaneous balance; but their levels undergoes strong variation, fades and sometimes is even exhauated.