Salty Pearl Mask

Salty Pearl Mask


Make your own lightening, tighening and toning mask. Add simple ocean anti-aging products to your beauty routine with Salty Pearl powder mask. Salty Pearl utilizes red snow algae and is considered a natural skin calorie restruction mimicking regimine and detoxifiyng rountine that promotes cellular longevity. 

Mix 1 tsp of powder with 3-5 ounes of water and blend well. Brush Salty Pearl on face, neck and back of hands for a luxurious home Thalasso therapy treatment.

Aids in detoxification, proper blood flow, and organized cell management of activities through the use of active marine ingredients that nourish and restore cellular activities. 

Can be used for the face or as a full  \body thalami therapy marine treatment and cellular longevity strategy for Aging Well though natural self-preservation rituals you can do at home. Salty Pearl is your must have home Thalasso therapy product that brings spa-seacrets home. . 

Watch Salty Pearl instructional video.

Ingredients: Algin powder, French sea salt, red snow algae powder, mother of pearl powder

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