Welcome to Ama Sea Beauty TREAT YOURSELF home spa rituals. Ama SeaBeauty's line of cellular longevity products were developed through my own personal need to address beauty with simple solutions. Let me teach you how to become your own home skincare expert.

The Mermaid is your daily devotional and self-care skin ritual that brings beauty maintenance home. The Mermaid is your quick and easy daily maintenance tool (much like your daily walk) that keep a beauty practices do-able, achievable and effective.

The best place to engage in Ama Sea Beauty treatments is in the bath. The bath allows for your treatments to take place in a calm, non-rushed and relaxing environment. Engaging in beauty practices in this manner provide a passive full body treatment and is an Amazing way to multitask.

Just as an active lifestyle requires certain tools of the trade, so too does an effective home beauty practice.

Optional tools to increase the overall effectiveness of the time you spend Treating Yourself:

  • Face massager/roller - A massager will aid in nutrient uptake and it will give your skin a much-needed workout and it is a decedent way to apply Ama products.

  • Nano Mister - A Nano mister is how a โ€œPROโ€ would apply SEAMIST during a Treatment.

  • Hair towel - A hair towel will keep your hair out of your face and it will make you feel like your bathroom is a spa.

  • Space heater

  • A fluffy robe/slippers - Nothing says spa like quite like slipping into a fluffy robe/slippers right out of the bath.



  • SeaGrains, SeaMist, VitaSea, DeepSea, SeaGlo, SeaScrub

  • SeaTea - if you treat yourself in the tub

  • Hair towel suitable for the bathtub

  • Drinking Water/Tea in a bathroom safe container

  • Robe/slipper/space heater* optional

  • Candles/music* optional


  1. Run your bath and warm/steam your bathroom - place your SeaTea bag in the tub to create a home crafted marine environment.

  2. Place your supplies within reach.

  3. Soak for 5 minutes you relax before you begin.

  4. CLEANSE: wet face and one-hand. Sprinkle SEAGRAINS in palm of your wet hand. Rub hands together and create lather. Exfoliate and wash your face/neck/chest/hands and the entire upper body, being careful around eyes. Do not rinse. Lay back and allow the cleanser to set as a mask. 3 minutes. When ready wet hands and lather then rinse.

  5. SEAMIST: Spray on face and sit back until dry. If you are not in a hurry use a NANO mister: Fill with SEAMIST and mist entire face and upper body until mister is empty. This is a great time to wash the rest of the body with SeaTea. Squeeze SeaTea bath bag to cover the rest of your body with blue foaming seaweed extract. 3 minutes

  6. VITASEA: Use a hand towel to remove excess water from face/neck/hands. Apply desired amount of VitaSea with finger tips. If using massager/roller: Starting at the neck, follow the curves of the face for desired time. 3 minutes for best results.

  7. SEATEA: After use: Hang to dry or toss it in your freezer so it stays fresh until you are ready for your next treatment. Bath bags can be used 4-6 times if frozen or dried in the sun between uses. If the bag is left wet, it will spoil, and contents should be tossed in the garden or compost bin.

By adding simple techniques to your personal habits, you can elevate your beauty practices to a daily devotion and self-care ritual you look forward to.

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