If we were as enamored with water as we are with food, health would be an epidemic
— Antoinette

Welcome to Ama Sea Beauty TREAT YOURSELF home spa rituals. Ama SeaBeauty's line of cellular longevity products were developed through my own personal need to address beauty with simple solutions. Let me teach you how to become your own home skincare expert.

Bathing Beauty is your monthly beauty devotional and self-care skin ritual that puts beauty maintenance in your hands. Seaweed and Salt treatments are the center of all Thalassotherapy and bathing brings this concept to life.

Bathing is your skin-fitness beauty boot-camp and is the best way to quickly assimilate marine nutrients into the dermal system. Bathing allows detoxification to take place in a non-stressful environment as it slips you a daily opportunity to relax, unwind and slow down.

An 8-day Bathing Skin-Immersion Program can balance internal systems, restore mitochondrial energy, reset DNA self-repair mechanisms, promote cellular regeneration and orderly cell death.

While in the bath wash the entire body with the bath bag. Squeeze the bag during use to release the marine bio nutrients into the hot fresh water: making them bioavailable to the dermal system.

Start with a 1/2 full bathtub so you can add water throughout your treatment to maintain water temperature.

Just as an active lifestyle requires certain tools of the trade, so too does a bathing beauty routine.

Optional tools to maximize the time you spend Treating Yourself:

  • Face massager/roller - A massager will aid in nutrient uptake and it will give your skin much needed workout. Increase elasticity, improve collagen production and firmness.

  • Nano Mister - This is a great way to offer your face a drink of SEAMIST and it will leave you feeling like a pro!

  • Hair towel - A hair towel will keep your hair out of your face and it will make you feel like your bathroom is a spa.

  • Space heater - It is important that your space is warm and inviting.

  • A fluffy robe/slippers - Nothing says spa like quite like slipping into a fluffy robe/slippers right out of the bath.



  • SeaGrains, SeaMist, VitaSea, DeepSea, SeaGlo, SeaScrub

  • SeaTea or InstaSea

  • Hair towel suitable for the bathtub

  • Drinking Water/Tea in a bathroom safe container

  • Robe/slipper/space heater* optional

  • Candles/music* optional


  • Day one: 30-minute SeaTea bath, SeaBeauty face treatment

  • Day two: 30-minute InstaSea bath, Mermaid face treatment

  • Day three: 45-minute SeaTea bath, SeaBeauty face treatment

  • Day four: 45-minute InstaSea bath, Mermaid face treatment

  • Day five: 30-minute SeaTea Bath, SeaBeauty face treatment

  • Day six: 30-minute InstaSea bath, Mermaid face treatment

  • Day seven: 45-minute SeaTea bath, SeaBeauty face treatment

  • Day eight: 45-minute InstaSea bath, Mermaid face treatment

During your 8-day program increase your water intake and spend time in nature after your daily treatment. Take time for inward gazing and notice the shifts that are taking place both internally and externally. With time your beauty maintenance program will become a habit that requires little to no extra effort. By adding simple techniques to your cleansing habits, you can elevate your daily shower or bath to spa quality, mind and body beauty experience.

Once you SEA the results you will never look at bathing the same again.

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