It's time to take a proactive approach to growing old.

Over the last decade Calorie Restriction Mimicry (CRM) has revealed itself as a credible longevity tool and the closest we have come to the fountain of youth. CRM taps into the concept “eat less live longer” by addressing the nutrient signaling cascades such as insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF), TOR pathways (rapamycin) and by boosting NAD+ production, a powerful anti-aging defense mechanism. When cellular mutations are reduced, and chemical inhibitors are avoided: healing-span decreases while health-span increases. CRM allows us to heal faster and delaying the onset of age-associated changes which impedes the aging process. When healing-span decreases, it gives us an opportunity to experience a healthy aging model.

CRM reveals an opportunity to step-away away from “passive aging” and into a new approach to “growing old”. ThalassoTherapy is a holistic answer to a CRM lifestyle choice that is achievable, sustainable and natural. Ama Sea Beauty offers simple routines and wholesome products that slowly slip CRM into your life without hassle, inconvenience, muscle wasting, loss of energy or dangerous medication. Seaweed and seawater provide essential minerals and macro/micro nutrients that require little processing and come with minimal calories: making ThalassoTherapy the best candidate for your CRM success story.

How to engage in a CRM lifestyle:

BeautyTabs, BrainGrains and Bathing are Ama Sea Beauty’s natural choice for adopting an achievable long-term CRM lifestyle. The goal of this process is not to reduce your food intake but rather to increase your dense nutrient consumption. Weight loss is not the approach for CRM: health improvement is the goal. CRM adds life to your years through healthy aging and disease prevention. Approaching CRM from this perspective does not send a message of self-deprivation. Just like adding exercise naturally increases energy, adding dense nutrients naturally resets the bodies nutrient sensor and the appetite slowly diminishes over 21 days. Common concerns that we mis-associate with age simply go away. With time and a NAD+ precursor diet you will notice improved: energy, appetite control, circadian rhythms, mobility/decreased stiffness, improved focus, concentration, recall and cognition.

CRM is a personal journey and lifestyle choice. Over the course of time you will find routines and choices that work best for you. Ama/PharmerSea founders Antoinette and Dan Marquez actively engage in a CRM lifestyle and are always happy to consult or simply answer questions. We both swear by the use of VitaminSEA for our CRM unique longevity strategy.

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Our job is to highlight ways we can live in order to counteract the deterioration associated with aging.


Spirulina/Chlorella tablets are a marine superfood that improves vitality and supports longevity. Beauty Tabs are a healthy, high protein, low calorie dense macro/micro nutrition that supports mental and physical energy while reducing your caloric intake. Made from 50% chlorella and 50% Spirulina and are unmatched in its nutrient profile. Beauty Tabs support long term beauty and are an ideal CRM lifestyle choice. Each pill is one calorie and delivers 1-gram of protein.

Each bag: 1,000 Tablets / 250 Grams / 50 Servings (20 tablets per serving, 2 - 3 times a day)


BrainGrains: Is a 2000-year old traditional medicine from Korea. 9x roasted Bamboo salt is a vital element to a CRM lifestyle. BrainGrains balances internal systems, improves cognition, focus, recall and has been used for centuries to maintain mouth/teeth health. BrainGrains is unparalleled as a longevity tool to help you Age Well.

  • Anti-cancerous/anti-viral/Tumor supresive properties

  • Antiseptic power to treat mouth sores digestive system-related conditions/cognitive decline.

  • Accelerates toxin neutralization/elimination

  • Supplies enhanced minerals and nutrients that regulate body fluids.

  • Restorative capacity to heal damaged cells, restore function of organs, promote metabolism.

  • Improves nutrient absorption, Balances PH

  • Restores mental and physical vitality

    Take 1-grain (course) or a pinch (ground) of BrainGrains upon waking and swish through teeth. Follow with a glass of water. repeat 3 - 5 times a day. BrainGrains can be added to you water pick for deep cleaning teeth and gum before bed.

CRM is a complex system that will take time to understand. Visit out glossary of term so we can help you unravel this unique longevity approach.


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