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The beneficial effects of fitness, massage and body maintenance are credible, validated and widely known. The muscles of the face are primarily associated with beauty, and have been left out of fitness conversations. As a result our beauty muscles experience the same degeneration that we have come to expect from an out of shape body. Without exercise, massage, good diet and regular maintenance it is no wonder a face losses muscle tone, elasticity, experiences decreased blood flow, impaired circulation and poor protein production. Our face is one of the main detectors that can show our actual age.


Just as exercise contours, slims, accentuates and beautifies the body, this same know-how is applicable to the face. Massage, exercise and eating well are all integral self-care health hacks that can optimize life and improve healing ability. Face care can extend beyond topical applications and external professional services.

Exercise and good eating taught us that we really do know what is best for ourselves. The self-care movement is firmly based on our own self-reliant skills, empirical knowledge and the time proven, ART of PRACTICE.

Screen culture leaves faces with visible tension, stress, inflammation and tight muscles that can leave many appearing far older than their chronological age. Massage, exercise and good diet is our go-to when addressing tension and stress in the body. By reducing fatigue, tension, inflammation and stress we increase the systems ability to assimilate nutrients that restore the body. We can save face if we apply this same know-how to beauty practices.

When our cells are active, clean, healthy, and functioning optimally your skincare routine is far more effective. When paired with a consistent active skin fitness routine that preps the cells for the uptake of dense marine nutrients, you can maximize the results of Ama Sea Beauty products.

Professionals at anything only become so through time, education, application and practice. Self-care practices teach us how to be a student and a teacher occupying the same body, at the same time. This allows us to observe and develop skills while directly experiencing the results. We can then immediately apply what we have learned to fine tune personal needs, as the needs arise. In other words, when things go wrong we do not have to wait to make an appointment with ourself. On the spot assessment can take place in a self-care lifestyle. Self-care teaches us that health is a moving target and we must be diligent and know when to adopt, shift and learn new techniques that continually “hack” health. We do not need to see a specialist every time something goes wrong, self-care teaches us, we are our our own “specialist”.

With time you will come to understand that face care, is brain care. When you engage in face care you also improve brain function, cognition, critical thinking and hippocampus response. With regular practice you will notice a significant improvement in the sensory organs housed in the upper body. (The primary organs of the face are the: brain, eyes, ears, nose, throat.) This is no different than when we exercising muscle mass as it also improves cardiovascular health and overall bone density.

You can develop your own set of workouts that include a series of: lifts, squeezes, furrowing, taps, repetitive motions, holds, relaxes and releases that result in powerful beauty benefits. It is no longer necessary to engage in time consuming spa services and costly interventions in order to save face. Home face fitness equipment can be purchased to maximize your time working out your face, neck and upper body. Massagers, rollers, misters, lights, and a plethora of tools are available online. Just like exercise equipment, everyone will have their own favorites based on their personal needs and routines. Cold and hot stones and/or towels are great to assist in relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.



  • Beautifying and accentuated bone structure/contouring/sculpting

  • Reduction of inflammation/reduced puffiness/hyperpigmentation

  • Muscle toning, reduction of sag, fine lines and premature aging: resulting in better face posturing

  • Higher protein production/visual reduction of damage

  • Increased blood flow/improved circulation

  • Natural anti-depression as physical activity at the cellular level releases “happy” hormones

  • Release stress/fatigue/tension/tight muscles

  • Activates inner healing

  • Improved organ function: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, throat, brain

  • Improved cognition, critical thinking, memory, recall and focus


Muscles play a significant role in supporting the human structure, and face is no different. Muscles have memory and increasing frequency can result in profound effects. Exercise and massage release a cascade of endorphins and positive pleasure chemicals. The more you workout the greater your results will be. Working out your face leaves you feeling elated and ready to smile your way through the day. A face workout can leave you feeling happy, healthy and it can vastly improve confidence and self-esteem.

Ama Sea Beauty will soon release its own face fitness series but for now there are many resources available on-line.

When beginning do not be afraid to have fun and experiment to determine what works best for you. Start with 15 minutes a day and work your way up to 30-45 minutes moving toward 3 reps per exercise. Cross-fit your routine to keep it fresh and fun. Use hot and cold therapy to warm up and cool down your muscles, always drink plenty of water and of course use Ama Sea Beauty as your best face fitness partner. Add Ama to to your tools as an application method and SEA your results amplify.

Our founder and formulator, Antoinette, is always available for advice, to answer questions and/or consultations!