The role an active lifestyle and a healthy diet plays in longterm well-being and healthy aging, is common knowledge. About 15 years ago we saw fitness come home via videos, then later streaming paired with a plethora of home workout equipment. As a result we saw the rise of the self-care movement and home-holistic practices. It finally dawned on us, that we really do know what is best for ourselves. Health was no longer a passive process and millions of people everywhere took healing home.

Today we see beauty following suit via social media platforms and social influencers. The K-beauty movement brought us masking, serums and those OH SO cool professional beauty tools were suddenly being used at home. An Ah-Ha moment was heard around the globe! Suddenly we realized just like good diets and active lifestyles, it’s finally time for beauty to come home.


For at least 50 years we watched professional athletes on TV and with time many realized: skills and dedication were the only separators of professional athletes and couch potatoes. Fast forward a few decades as we sit on our computers watching a GLAM BAM thank you ma’am movement come to beauty. Make-up tutorials, skin rituals, face fitness, holistic practices, anti-aging habits, longevity skills, beauty basics and skin tools are as pervasive as world class athletes and fitness equipment were during 70’s to the turn of the century. The beauty “athletes” are now the all over social platforms and suddenly being GLAM is no great mystery at all.

Before home workout videos and modern streaming brought fitness home: working out always belonged in the gym. As a once yoga studio owner I know how hard it is for people to find the time to maintain a workout schedule that takes place outside the home. Time for self-care is always the first to go when schedules are compromised; ironically this is when we need it most. Finding time for professional beauty services are no different. Sure we all wish we had time for a weekly facial, but honestly how often does it actually happen?


Just as we organize our diet to assure we achieve our personal weekly eating goals: we can apply this same knowledge to create an effective home beauty systems that address our personal needs. Face fitness, masking and bathing can become your in home defenders of youth, vitality and happy skin. Once you understand the needs of your skin at a cellular level it is easy to follow a simple system that you can eventually personalize to make your own.

The skills we learned from diet and exercise translate perfectly to an effective home beauty practice. An active lifestyle and plant based products are your frontline defense for healthy aging and happy skin. Just as there is a direct road to good health and well being; there is also a clear path to healthy aging that includes unique longevity possibilities.

  • Face fitness - Smile, laugh and be happy this maintains face muscles, blood flow, circulation and promotes a healthy glow. Home massagers, nano misters, rollers, electronic devices and other very cool tools are available on the market. These are no different than workout equipment, and personal taste will vary. Just like working out: use your preferred tools 15-30 minutes 3 - 7 days a week depending on your personal goals. You can rebuild a face no differently than rebuilding a body. The results of your dedication, time and effort will reveal itself right in the mirror.

  • Masking - Masking is an opportunity to apply larger amounts of high level actives to address specific conditions or concerns. This is much like eating a big fat green salad. Masking is best done over night or in a relaxing bath so you are not in a hurry to rinse it off. Masks are best if left on the skin 30-40 minutes, 1 - 7 times a week depending on your personal goals.

  • Serums - Serums are concentrated bio-actives and are intended for night use. Serums address chronic concerns and improve longterm skin health. A serum is much like juiced greens, some people drink them daily and some weekly depending on their health concerns at the time. Serums are highly active, quickly effective, leave-on and should be used in accordance to your personal needs. Leave on 1 - 7 times a week depending on your concerns at the time..

  • Bathing - According to Thalassotherapy, “Beauty can be found in the bath.” Just as the kitchen is the center of a good diet, a bathroom is your own personal beauty therapy suite. A bathtub is the delivery mechanism of marine bio-actives directly to the entire dermis at once and bath is where longevity possibilities take place.

  • Daily basics: Just as fruits, vegis and a recommended daily intake of water are diet basics, skin too has its basic daily needs. Each day your skin requires cleansing, moisturizing, oils, scrubs, toners, hydrators and other all day wear protection against the elements, external toxins and environmental stressor. Each of our needs are unique depending on lifestyle, age and how much you put your skin through on a daily basis. If you work outside, drive a lot or are exposed to toxins regularly, your needs will be far different than someone who works or lives in sheltered scenarios. Just as a world class athlete has to be more diligent with their diet so too will someone who’s skin is at risk on a daily basis.

  • Expose yourself to Natural beauty: Thalassotherapy is considered a beauty practice that turn to the environment as a natural solution. Climate, the ocean and shore environment are considered beneficial factors in the overall therapy experience. People have been day tripping to the beach for centuries to unwind and let go. The beauty of Thalassotherapy is its ability to detox the system in a non stressful environment. The beach is the epitome of this. Being in nature reminds us that beauty comes in many unique forms. Nature pulls us in and offers joy, peace and pleasure as it enhances the human experience.

  • Consistency in routine: A regular routine is the best way to shift a beauty practitioner from a forgettable chore to an enjoyable habit. Continually assess if your beauty routine is working, shake it up when necessary — and stick with it when it flows well with your lifestyle. The more consistent you are, the better results you will achieve. Habits are a beautiful way to invite intentional joy into our lives.

Home holistic practices allow you to become a self-care specialist where you are your only patient. We want to help you Sea Beauty a new way. Let Ama help you Sea yourself beautiful every day!