Remineralization is phase one of Ama SeaBeauty ThalassoTherapy cellular longevity strategy. The ancient Greeks believed seawater preserved and restored good health. In 19th century France, seawater was regarded as a complete mineral source that cured ailments caused by mineral imbalance and modern lifestyle. Delivering minerals through the dermal system is the beginning step to all ThalassoTherapy treatments.


30 - 40 minutes


For all skin types, ideal for mature skin, Uneven tone, Dull, tired-looking skin, Hyper-pigmentation, dermal dehydration and nutrient depleted skin.


Bowls, SeaGrains, VitaSea, SeaMist, SeaScrub, towels, Pads (for eyes and cleansing), Smock/drape, head towel, brush


  1. Pour desired amount (about ½ ounce) VitaSea in a bowl.

  2. Pour desired amount (about ½ ounce) SeaMist in mister.

  3. Pre-warm your towels.

  4. Set aside One scoop of SeaScrub in its abalone shell.

  5. Place the sheet of dried red seaweed in a bowl of water to hydrate.

  6. Place all your tools where they are easy to reach.

  7. Warm or steam your workspace

Ama Sea Beauty treatments are intended for experienced professionals already working in the skin care field. Our treatments were developed to utilize tools and equipment already found in your work space. It is assumed you have established your personal work flow; favorite tools of the trade and your workspace is already set up to accommodate Ama Sea Beauty products.



Cover your client hair with a towel. Client should have exposed face/neck/upper chest

  1. SEAMIST STEAM: Stand or sit at the crown of the head, mist SEAMIST over the entire upper body. Encourage slow, deep breaths as you steam above their face, nose and neck to aid in the absorption of minerals and to begin the relaxation process. 2 minutes Cover eyes with pads and place in ear buds if you have them.

  2. CLEANSE: Sprinkle SEAGRAINS in your hands and rub together to create lather. In an upward circular motion: rub grains on face/neck to exfoliate and clean 2 minutes

  3. SEASCRUB: Place a scoop of SEASCRUB in your palms, using small circular movements evenly distribute it on face. Lay the piece of red seaweed on a towel and squeeze out the extra water. Use the red seaweed washcloth to gently and evenly scrub the face in an upward and circular motion. Be careful not to get salt in your client’s eyes. Wrap with a warm towel. While removing towel gather all leftover salt. Take the time to clean up their hairline and back of the neck. Shake out you towel in the sink and wet the washcloth to pick up as much loose salt during this process as possible.   5 minutes

  4. SEAGLO MASSAGE: Use your fingertips or brush on a small amount of SEAGLO to face/neck/décolletage.  Using fingertips delicately move in a circular motion over the face and neck working upward. Use a massager to aid in the uptake of nutrients, improve blood flow and circulation.  5 minutes

  5. Finish massage with your hands to assure oil fully penetrate the dermal layer. Use fingertips to gather any excess oil and firmly massage it into the hairline, behind the ears and down to the back of the neck. This should be quick and fast to redistribute the oil and to demonstrate that it can be used for the hair.

  6. SEAMOIST: Place a small amount of SEAMOIST in your hands and rub on the face/neck/upper chest in an upward circular motion.  1 -2 minutes

  7. SEAMIST STEAM: End the same way you began, with a SEAMIST ocean water steam treatment and deep breathing.  This will leave your client feeling like a mer-person just out of the sea. 2 minutes.


  • Use all products directly from the bottle rather than a bowl, your products will o further and you will reduce cleanup time and water use.

  • Keep two zippered/net wash bags: one for clean and one for dirty washable square wipes to replace single use cotton/wipes. This makes it easy to toss them in the washer/drying while keeping them all in one place.

  • Fill your sink ½ way with hot water at the beginning of each treatment. Use it to rise and clean all items for each treatment as you work including cleaning your space. This habit can save gallons of water per treatment.

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